Life and Leadership Coaching

Get clear. Reject fear. Live a life that matters.

Unfortunately, many never attain the life of vitality they were designed to have. Instead, while successful and respected on the outside, people stay stuck and unfulfilled on the inside.

This does not have to be your  legacy.

Through a proven process you’ll discover who you are, why you are here, and how to impact this world with the gifts only you have to give.

Learn to reject fear to rewrite the way you think, communicate, and relate as I walk with you to discover and address root issues.

No more energy, time, and money has to be wasted treating the same old symptoms ever again.

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New Life Story® Mentor Wellness Coaching

This unique process based in the psychology and neuroscience of change will equip you obtain lasting improvements in mindset and performance.

By rewriting your mind software, and brain hardware, you can achieve:

  • personal wellness
  • a healthy mindset
  • meaningful relationships
  • unrivaled leadership impact
  • improved financial status

As a trained and licensed mentor coach, I’ll walk with you in your process of writing a new life story. This process designed by psychiatrist and neuroscience expert, David Krueger, M.D. has been proven over the last thirty years.

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Faith Enrichment Mentor Coaching

No matter the stage of your spiritual development, God loves you and wants to meet you right where you are.

Applying the wisdom of God’s Word to your personal life story creates unexplainable results that give you immeasurable advantage.

Deepen your relationship with your own core, with Christ, and your community.

This is a proven 12 to 24 week process for individuals or groups at any spiritual maturity level. The only pre-requisite is a willing heart.

If you’re ready for deep healing and the ability to walk in freedom and confidence, this is for you. You’ll discover exactly who you are divinely created to be and clearly define your identity and purpose.

  •   Escape  the power of the lies you’ve believed
  •   Renew your mind and be released from unhealthy thought patterns
  •   Identify and reject your dysfunctional coping mechanisms
  •   Build healthy relationships

Victory and vitality of the abundant life awaits.

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