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It’s Normal to Get Stuck Sometimes

  • You’re at a crossroad, overwhelmed by the need for change
  • You’re exhausted by personal or career issues that are sucking the joy from your life
  • You feel out of balance and are having trouble prioritizing
  • You have trouble setting boundaries or in communicating difficult messages

You might even feel like you’re just surviving… going through the motions.

You Don’t Have to Figure It All Out Alone

If you are ready to shake the status quo and create a new life story—you are in the right place!

I partner with those ready to explore root causes of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and fear-based habits— to get to the heart of all that impedes personal growth, flourishing relationships, and optimal performance at work.


Kaye delivers a process that helps you find your mission and become equipped to be the most powerful person you can be.

Taylore N.

Work with Kaye if you’re ready for an action plan to break free from the chaos.

Pam B.

Kaye is relatable and real. She presents truth with insight and eloquence and makes us want to come back for more!

Melissa Z.


Working with a mentor coach is a smart way to effectively break through your bottlenecks in life—whether personal or professional in nature. Years of systematic assessments and leadership for improvement initiatives were key preparations in becoming a skilled consultant who helps clients dissect processes at the macro and micro levels. Training and certification a mentor coach only enhanced the ability to help individuals discover their own solutions to for improving personal performance.

But it’s my heart for people and a discerning spirit of wisdom that sets me apart from others as I contemplate my client as an entire human being—not just someone with a title, role, or position—but a person within a system, living a story that provides context for every dimension.

Let my insight into the neuroscience of change and my skill in helping you discover the needs and motivations of your soul catalyze your inner health— to exponentially impact your performance at work and zest for life.


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