About Kaye

I am passionate about helping you find greater meaning in the story of your life.

People thrive when they connect to their authentic core, align with their creator, and powerfully impact their community.

I know this because
I used to be stuck too—successful on the outside, yet knowing I was designed for much more.

More than twenty-five years ago, with an undergraduate degree I began my career as a registered nurse. Insight into people coupled with leadership skills led to nursing administration roles and a greater desire to positively impact the health care environment as a whole. With a graduate law degree, I became an advocate for improving quality, mitigating risk, and improving processes and team performance at a corporate level.

Despite the successful climb up the prescribed professional ladder, a greater calling stirred my heart.

My core motivation is to address the inner struggle of men and women at the level of the heart. I now advance health by addressing the dimension of the soul, equipping people to lead, live, and love with a renewed vision and vitality.

My 2016 book, Set Free to Thrive, is a thought provoking faith-based guide helping readers examine the hidden places of the soul and confront barriers to a life of authentic power and real purpose.

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