Inspiring topics to equip large or small groups with actionable solutions to relevant issues.

I customize every presentation for each group and can also prepare topics of your choice.

Motivational Topics include:

  • The Neuroscience of Change: It’s Either Working For or Against You
  • Solutions to the Void of Chaos: Discovering Clarity, Competence, and Confidence
  • The Pandemic of Apathy: It’s Killing You
  • Escaping Fears that Define You: The Power of Your Thought Patterns

Faith-Infused Topics include:

  • Finding Meaning in the Broken: Real Meaning in Your Story of New Life
  • The Chaos of Identity Revealed: Who Am I Really?
  • The Framework of Your Story: Context for Clarity
  • Awakening Desire: Why Don’t I Care?

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Half or full day workshops packed with the substance and application necessary for authentic and lasting growth.

Escape hype and facilitate real health in yourself and your team:

  • Developing the THRIVE Mindset
  • Becoming a VITAL Leader

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Intensive 2-day live events for deep introspection, growth, and healing.

Transformation is an inside-out process. Powerful teaching, strategic solitude, and open hearts to the timeless wisdom of God’s Word applied to your heart will revive the weary and the wounded and ignite fresh hope.

Participants will learn to live in the victory and vitality of the abundant life that Christ promised, discovering their role in advancing His Kingdom.

  • Address the chaos of this broken world and its impact on your life story
  • Destroy the power of the lies you’ve believe
  • Discover your real identity in Christ and relinquish the mask of the impostor
  • Define your unique divine purpose
  • Access the promises of God to sustain and comfort

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